Wholesale and Retail Trade of Fresh and Frozen Fish and Sea Food


The company “ArgyroNisos” is active in the import and wholesale trade of fresh fish and frozen fish. For more than 15 years we have continued to grow both in the retail and wholesale of fresh fish and seafood. Based in Athens and Santorini we receive truly fresh fish, domestic and imported, which we distribute directly to our customers through proprietary shipping.


Our fresh fish and seafood are selected daily by exceptional professional fishermen one by one, as they fish in our best fisheries.


The dominant and dynamic target in “Argyronisos” is the excellent quality of its products. We choose our fish and seafood based on how they are caught.

Respect to the Nature

Regular information seminars add experience to our executives and help maintain the marine system balance.


We ensure that even the most demanding order, regardless of quantity and degree of difficulty, is executed. By no means the long-standing and steady confidence of sefs and cooks from large hotel units, catering, restaurants.

Excellent Prices

Our long experience, constant and day-to-day working with fishermen, fish producers and fish traders ensure us the most competitive market prices.


Every day we responsibly serve regular catering professionals throughout Greece, consistently in delivery time and also in Food Safety Management. Responsibly and diligently we deliver your every order. Try us!

Where to find us

1st Store

Grilled Fish & Cooked Seafood

Athinon Av. 304, Haidari

Tel: +30 211 404 3833 & +30 211 418 4000

2nd Store

Digeni Akrita 15, Egaleo

+30 210 53 13 033

3rd Store

Karterados, Santorini

Tel: +30 22860 23730

Fish are Passion for us