Wholesale Frozen Fish & Seafood Products

The company “ArgyroNisos” has been active in the wholesale of fresh fish and frozen Seafood for over 15 years. Having worked closely with catering professionals, large hotel units as well as restaurants or smaller catering establishments, we know how important raw material is for a perfect result. Hence, we maintain the quality and freshness of the products we market from day one of our cooperation.

We have developed a proprietary transport network that allows us to be immediate and handle every order regardless of its size and complexity, while the long-term partnerships we have developed confirm the immediacy and responsibility that we face with each unit.

We choose our fresh fish from the best Mediterranean fisheries but also by the careful selection of our overseas partners, who have large vessels in all oceans. So we provide fresh fish and Seafood from all over Greece and the world.

Feel free to contact us so that we can discuss the supply needs of your unit.

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