About Us

The company “ArgyroNisos” is active in the import and wholesale trade of fresh and frozen fish and seafood. For more than 15 years, we have continued our upward trend in both retail and wholesale of fresh fish and seafood. Based in Athens and Santorini, we receive truly fresh domestic and imported fish, which we distribute directly through proprietary shipping to our customers daily.

Excellent Quality & Freshness

The dominant and dynamic target of “ArgyroNisos” is the superb quality and freshness of its products. We select our fish and seafood, based on sustainability and seasonality of each species. We control all stages, from fishing to selling them, ensuring the highest quality in the market. We build trust relationships with our consumers by choosing only Fresh Fish and Seafood, from excellent professional fishers, caught in our best fish places. Our retail customers are sure that by making their purchases in our stores, they ensure a meal that preserves the freshness of the sea in their dish.

Respect for Nature

Regular and informative seminars add experience to our executives and are an added value in contributing to maintaining the ecosystem’s marine balance. We select fish and seafood, based on how they are caught and by following all international fisheries laws. We follow the guidelines of fisheries management systems to protect habitats and allow sustainable growth in the marine ecosystem.

Service with Responsibility

We serve responsibly catering professionals all over Greece every day while being consistent with delivering time and maintaining food safety management. We provide your every- day order, even the most demanding, regardless of quantity and degree of difficulty, responsibly and diligently. The above is achieved through constant updating from central fish markets, both domestically and globally. Thus, we gain the trust of chefs and cooks from large hotel units, catering, restaurants with whom we maintain long-term partnerships.

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